Jezebels, Buckhead, and Adam Lambert? What the…..

So I went to the Jezebel magazine launch party this Wednesday past at the W in Buckhead as the date of a particularly good looking blonde, both of us attending this apparently well known (outside the realm of 2southerngents anyway) soiree for the first time.

And I gotta tell you, I was a little out of my element, but that’s okay, expanding my horizons is one of my biggest goals for my thirtieth year. A dive bar or hunting lodge, comfortable jeans, a medium starched button down, a cold beer or whiskey with a splash of water, and live music are the confines I prefer for socializing. So rubbing elbows with the glitzy set was intriguing, to say the least. I didn’t want to have a bad time, I wanted to be a great date, but I had my concerns going in.

Upon arrival, I notice there are good looking women everywhere and plenty of liquor. Okay. This has got my attention, what’s going to happen? Let me tell you here guys, I kinda dug getting dressed up and going to drink in a place with neon lights (not beer signs) and leather couches (not dilapidated on a porch). I’d definitely call the bar at the W a place to go for drinks on a date, probably not the place to do a heap of late night boozin’, and you probably won’t be taking home the bartender after a raucous night of skirt chasing, but it’s definitely a cool space and a step up from worn stools and rank bathrooms.

So I’m having a drink with the blonde, we’re elbow rubbing and people watching, the announcements get made, magazine unveiled, and here comes this Adam Lambert cat. Now I don’t watch American Idol, or listen to The Burt Show, or generally follow anything about “Hot 100” music, but I gotta say, this guy puts on a show – kinda reminiscent of Charlie Murphy’s basketball adversary from a generation ago (bonus points if you recognize that reference). He sang several tunes that I’d never heard before, but all the women there seemed to really dig him, and I’ll admit, I found myself starting to do that awkward, straight white guy, arm around girl swaying/dancing that’s the trademark of frat boys around the world.

And I’m told I turned out to be a pretty good date.

So all in all a successful evening, and one with a lesson – step out of routine every now and then, you never know where all a good time awaits!


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