Beer please

Are you sad, mad, depressed, happy, or confused? Then I have just the thing for you…beer, and by “I” I mean Sweetwater. Being from Atlanta, Sweetwater has always had a special place in my heart (though right behind Yeungling…mmm Yeungling) being of course not only from Georgia but also from Atlanta.  For those of you that don’t know, Sweetwater gets its name from Sweetwater creek which it is located next to. It also takes its water and then through a combination of ingredients, chemistry, and black magic produces the greatest elixir/curer of ailments and feelings alike/ the great social equalizer/ the muse for both great and not so great thinkers/ the number one reason for bastard babies everywhere…beer. Now what’s better than beer? Lots of beer! And what’s better than lots of beer? Lots of beer with lots of people looking for a good time! Enter Sweetwater brewery.

For $10 (and make sure it’s cash) they will let you into their magical beer producing facility, where not only do you get a tour through the brewery, but also 6 tickets good for 6 half glasses of beer. Lucky for us the bartenders are always more than generous and usually fill up your glass at least three quarters if not all the way. You also get the luxury of trying out several of their different flavors, usually just whatever they have on hand. And with the weather heating up, both the inside and outside bars are great to hang around. Oh and I almost forgot, you can even bring your dog, as long as you stay on the outside patio (sorry no tour for you). For those of you keeping up, that gives you pretty much the perfect storm for trying to pick up a girl. Liquid courage – check, Girls – check, adorable puppy to make her come and talk to you – check, endless opportunities – double check.

So check them out. Google them. At the very least, next time you go to order a cold one, ask for Sweetwater.


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